Apple has announced new software and privacy tools as it seeks to expand service offerings to its estimated 1.4 billion device users.

蜗蜗牛小游戏网 www.liandama.cn The announcements came during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference happening this week in San Jose, California. The changes are another clear sign of Apple's attempts to expand its offerings to make up for dropping iPhone demand worldwide. iPhone sales fell sharply during the past two financial quarters.


For iPhone users, Apple announced the launch of its iOS 13 operating system, to be available this fall. The new version comes with several new features.
对于iPhone用户,苹果公司宣布将于今年秋天推出iOS 13操作系统。这一新版系统提供了几项新功能。

One is a setting for the iPhone called "dark mode." The feature – already available on Mac computers – turns the background of the device black. Apple says dark mode is designed to make everything on the screen easier on the eyes. It can be used all the time or set to come on at a specific time.

iOS 13 also offers iPhone users a way to avoid using sign in services of Facebook and Google when using apps. Instead, users can sign in with their Apple ID. Apple says the feature aims to respect the privacy of users by not collecting tracking information through the apps or services. Facebook and Google collect such user information for its advertising business.
iOS 13还为iPhone用户提供了一种在使用应用程序时避免使用Facebook和Google登录服务的途径。相反,用户可以使用他们的Apple ID登录。苹果公司表示,该功能旨在尊重用户的隐私,不会通过应用程序和服务来收集跟踪信息。Facebook和Google收集此类用户信息用于广告业务。

In addition, iOS 13 includes a redesigned Maps app that provides "more detail about the world around you." It has a feature that lets users look at actual street photos and move through streets within the app. The feature is very similar to Google's Street View, which has been available for years.
此外,iOS 13还包括重新设计的地图应用,可以提供更多身边的详细信息。它具有一项功能,可以让用户在这个应用程序中查看实际的街道照片并移动。这一功能与谷歌已经推出多年的街景视图非常类似。

The new iPhone OS also adds improvements to Apple's Siri personal assistant system. The company says the new Siri has a more natural voice and will work with map and music apps.

New iPadOS, Apple Watch apps
全新iPadOS和 Apple Watch应用程序

Apple announced the iPad will get its own operating system to replace the existing one made for iPhones. The new OS is designed to make it easier for iPad users to use the device to do more of the things a laptop computer can do.

Apple also introduced several new apps for its Apple Watch device to be included with the new WatchOS 6 system. Among these are apps that operate independently without the need to be linked to a user's iPhone. The smartwatch's Health app is also adding new features to record more exercise information, monitor safe hearing levels and track women's menstrual cycles.
苹果公司还为Apple Watch设备推出了几款应用程序,这些应用程序将包含在新的WatchOS 6系统中。其中包括无需连接到用户的iPhone手机,可以独立操作的应用程序。这款智能手表的健康应用程序还添加了新功能,以记录更多运动信息,监控安全听力水平和跟踪女性月经周期。

In addition, the App Store will now be available on Apple Watch, making it possible for people to find and download apps directly to the device.
此外,苹果商店现在也可以在Apple Watch上使用,使人们可以在该设备上查找和下载应用程序。

In its laptop and desktop businesses, Apple announced it is breaking up its long-time digital music software iTunes. Later this year, the software will be split into three apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.
在其笔记本电脑和台式机业务中,苹果宣布将拆分其历史久远的数字音乐软件iTunes。今年晚些时候,该软件将会分成三个应用程序:Apple Music、Apple Podcast和Apple TV。

Apple has already reduced the importance of iTunes on the iPhone and iPad and will now do the same on Mac computers too. iTunes will still be available on Macs using older OS versions, as well as on machines running Microsoft's Windows system.

Apple also used its developer's conference to show off a new Mac Pro high-performance desktop computer to go on sale this fall. The machine, which Apple describes as "extreme in every way," is designed for professional users. Pricing for the low-end model Mac Pro starts at $5,999.
苹果还利用其开发者大会展示了今年秋季上市的新款Mac Pro高性能台式电脑。这台被苹果公司称为各方面顶级的电脑专为专业用户设计,最低配置起价5999美元。

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