[ti:Field of Dreams] [by:蜗蜗牛小游戏网 www.liandama.cn] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn [00:07.66]Now, the VOA Learning English program Words and Their Stories. [00:14.23]On today's program we talk about the word "field." [00:21.29]But which one? There are many different kinds of fields. [00:27.11]First, we will talk about fields in which you can work. [00:32.85]A common question when you first meet someone in the States is, [00:38.89]"What field do you work in?" or simply "What is your field?" [00:44.81]Work fields are usually general. [00:49.47]For example, if you are a doctor [00:53.05]you would answer that you work in the medical field. [00:57.30]A lawyer is in the legal field. [01:01.22]And a marketing specialist's field is business. [01:05.71]If you are a farmer, you might work in another kind of field [01:11.53]--an area of open land planted with crops. [01:16.57]Some farmers work in the fields from sunup to sundown. [01:22.68]Now, another kind of field is also outside [01:27.51]but we use this one for sports activities. [01:32.48]And this type of field has led to several common expressions. [01:38.31]Fair play is an issue in most sports. [01:43.37]No one wants to watch or play a game in which one team [01:48.29]has an unfair advantage over another. [01:51.84]Everyone wants a level playing field -- but not just in sports. [01:58.95]We use this expression anytime fairness is important. [02:03.94]A level playing field is when the conditions of competition are fair or even. [02:11.98]Everyone has the same shot at winning. [02:16.39]This expression comes from the fact that for a sports field to be fair, [02:22.70]it must be the same for both teams. [02:26.14]It would be unfair if one team had to play on a rocky, [02:31.99]uneven part of a field while the other team played on smooth ground. [02:38.66]In "level playing field," the word "level" is an adjective. [02:45.81]But we can also use it as a verb. [02:49.73]So, if you level the playing field, you have done a good thing! [02:55.86]You have given everyone equal conditions for success. [03:01.46]Now, let's go back to sports, in particular baseball. [03:07.87]When playing baseball, the infielders and outfielders [03:13.76]are the ones who field the balls. [03:16.62]They catch the balls hit or thrown in the field [03:21.08]and then make the best play they can. [03:24.77]So, we can say they are playing in the field. [03:29.14]However, they are not playing the field. [03:33.94]That is something completely different! [03:37.89]Playing the field has nothing to do with sports. [03:42.44]We use it mostly to talk about dating. [03:46.62]Someone who plays the field [03:50.03] is romantically involved with more than one person. [03:54.40]Play the field You gotta look around [03:58.97]Lovin' is so real [04:01.32]Don't just settle down [04:03.13]Just play the field [04:05.02]The expression comes from horse racing. [04:08.01]The horses in a race are "the field." [04:11.89]And in that field of horses there are the favorites [04:16.54]-- those considered most likely to win. [04:20.25]And there are long shots -- those less likely to win. [04:26.57]Long shots are riskier to bet on, but they pay more money if they win. [04:34.21]So gamblers often bet on other horses other than the favorite. [04:40.89]They would play the field -- or several horses in the race. [04:46.60]Maybe you have heard of this expression before [04:50.25]or maybe it came out of left field. [04:54.36]"To come out of left field" or simply "out of left field is another baseball term. [05:03.09]It means something is a surprise to you. [05:06.88]You were not expecting it at all! [05:10.10]Other times it can describe something strange or odd. [05:16.05]Word experts dispute its exact origin. [05:20.25]One possibility comes from how a baseball player scores. [05:25.50]A runner on third base -- in position to score at home plate [05:31.58]-- has his back to left field. [05:34.74]As he runs home to score, he cannot see the ball [05:39.31]thrown into home base by the left fielder. [05:42.87]And then -- surprise! -- he's out at home plate! [05:47.79]I hope you have enjoyed today's show on field expressions. [05:52.46]And, believe me, there are others. [05:54.85]We could have a field day on this subject! [05:58.94]But, that will have to be another day! [06:02.35]Until next time ... I'm Anna Matteo! [06:05.58]When suddenly out of left field [06:11.92]Out of left field, out of left field.... love came along... [06:27.38](Hank Williams Jr., "Out of Left Field") 更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn