[ti:How Do You Say Goodbye to a Coworker?] [by:蜗蜗牛小游戏网 www.liandama.cn] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn [00:00.01]In today's Ask a Teacher, [00:03.59]we answer a question about saying goodbye. [00:06.96]Our reader, Hideki, works at a high school in Japan [00:11.67]with many international coworkers. She writes: [00:15.95]"After having a short conversation with them ... [00:19.69]there are many times l come up with nothing to say [00:22.75]at the end of the conversation." [00:25.26]Hideki notes that she will see her coworkers [00:29.32]later in the day at times, [00:31.41]as in the first two examples below. [00:33.85]Here are the times when Hideki wants to say goodbye: [00:37.94]1 When leaving a coworker in the morning [00:42.19]2 When leaving a coworker in the middle of the day [00:46.97]3 When leaving a coworker as you exit the workplace for the day [00:52.54]Dear Hideki, I lived in Japan, [00:57.49]so I understand why you have this question. [01:00.97]In your language, there are specific expressions people [01:05.68]always use for such times. [01:07.73]In English, though, there are several different things [01:12.09]we can say when leaving someone. [01:14.32]You guessed at some of them in your email: [01:17.60]You said, "Maybe I should have said, 'Have a good one,' [01:22.75]'Nice talking to you,' or 'Enjoy your time off.'" [01:27.86]Let's look at situation 1: You are leaving a coworker, [01:32.62]but you will see him or her at lunch time. [01:35.57]In a school, someone may say to a teacher, [01:39.47]"Have a good class," or "See you after class." [01:44.18]If you are not speaking to a teacher, you can say, [01:48.57]"See you at lunch," "See you a little later," or simply, "Later." [01:55.37]In situation 2, you had lunch with a coworker [01:59.51]and are leaving for the afternoon. [02:01.62]Now you can say, "Have a good afternoon." [02:05.75]You can also say "Have a good one." [02:09.10]That is the same as telling someone [02:12.93]to have a good day, afternoon or evening. [02:17.67]Let's look at situation 3, [02:21.27]where you are leaving for the evening or weekend. [02:24.56]On Fridays, you can always say, "Have a good weekend." [02:29.25]On any other workday, you can say, [02:33.18]"Good night" or "See you tomorrow." [02:36.40]There is one more time when you may want to say something. [02:41.12]When you leave a meeting, you can say to others, "See you later." [02:45.25]Your suggestion, "Nice talking to you" is more common [02:50.20]when you don't talk to someone every day. [02:52.47]If you called a friend, for example, [02:55.19]whom you have not seen for months, [02:57.79]this would be a good way to close the conversation. [03:01.02]"Enjoy your time off" is something we often say to people [03:05.50]who are taking days off from work for vacation. [03:09.08]This would not be said every day. [03:11.61]And, finally, in any work situation, you can also just say, "Bye!" [03:18.46]And that's ask a teacher! [03:21.59]I'm Jill Robbins. See you later! 更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn