[ti:Iran Threatens More Uranium Enrichment if no New Nuke Deal] [by:蜗蜗牛小游戏网 www.liandama.cn] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn [00:00.64]Iran threatened Wednesday to restart enriching uranium [00:06.64]in 60 days if world powers fail to negotiate [00:12.32]new terms for the 2015 nuclear agreement. [00:19.20]In a televised speech, President Hassan Rouhani [00:24.16]also said that Iran would stop exporting [00:28.08]extra uranium and heavy water from its nuclear program. [00:34.12]The export of heavy water and extra uranium [00:38.36]were requirements of the deal. [00:43.04]Enriched uranium can be used to make nuclear weapons. [00:48.00]Heavy water is used to cool nuclear reactors. [00:54.24]Rouhani did not explain how much uranium it would enrich. [01:01.12]One year ago, U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement. [01:07.88]China, Russia and European nations are still part of the deal, however. [01:14.88]After the United States withdrew from the deal, [01:19.80]it put strong sanctions on Iran. [01:23.88]The move caused a severe economic crisis. [01:30.16]Rouhani said Iran wanted to negotiate [01:33.50]new terms for the deal with remaining partners. [01:37.80]He wants new terms to permit Iran to sell its oil, [01:42.60]which it currently cannot do because of the U.S. sanctions. [01:49.12]Rouhani also warned of a "strong reaction" [01:53.44]if European leaders try to put more sanctions on Iran [01:58.36]through the U.N. Security Council. [02:01.76]He did not explain what a "strong reaction" might be. [02:07.36]Rouhani also said that Iran wants action within 60 days. [02:14.80]If there is no action, Iran will stop a Chinese-led effort [02:20.56]to redesign its Arak heavy water nuclear reactor. [02:28.16]Such reactors produce plutonium, [02:31.44]which can be used in nuclear weapons. [02:37.48]U. S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday [02:42.56]was meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May [02:46.60]and Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt for talks [02:50.45]before Trump's visit to Britain next month. [02:54.30]Pompeo told reporters the United States would decide [02:59.44]how to answer Iran after Iran takes action. [03:05.92]Hunt said on Wednesday the agreement [03:09.25]remained an important achievement [03:11.68]and urged Tehran to think before breaking it. [03:16.36]He said Britain and the United States agreed [03:20.16]that Iran should never be permitted to have a nuclear weapon. [03:27.52]Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov [03:30.88]welcomed Tehran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif [03:35.36]for talks on Wednesday in Moscow. [03:39.96]Following the meeting, both countries condemned the United States [03:44.40]for leaving the deal a year ago, [03:47.80]a move they say caused the current problems. [03:52.75]Zarif gave his own warning from Moscow. [03:58.56]"After a year of patience, Iran stops measures that [04:03.52](the) US has made impossible to continue," he wrote on Twitter. [04:11.56]The 2015 nuclear deal lifted economic sanctions on Iran [04:17.62]in exchange for limits on its nuclear program. [04:23.20]Iran reached the deal after years of negotiations [04:27.56]that included secret talks in Oman between Iran [04:32.48]and the administration of former U.S. President Barack Obama. [04:39.24]Western governments had long feared Iran's nuclear program [04:44.08]could lead to the development of nuclear weapons. [04:48.40]Iran has always said its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. [04:55.84]The United States left the deal after Trump [04:59.60]campaigned on a promise to end the agreement. [05:03.88]His administration says the deal [05:06.80]should have put limits on Iran's ballistic missile program. [05:11.76]It also believes the deal did nothing to end Tehran's efforts [05:16.56]to influence Iraq and other countries in the area. [05:22.40]There is still hope for the deal. [05:25.48]Iran did not walk away from it, but instead chose [05:29.90]to stop exporting its extra uranium and heavy water. [05:35.32]Observers say that means there is still the possibility [05:39.52]for an agreement to be reached. [05:42.91]Under the 2015 deal, Iran cannot keep more than 300 kilograms [05:50.88]of low-enriched uranium and 130 tons of heavy water. [05:59.08]By comparison, the country used to possess [06:03.04]10,000 kilograms of higher-enriched uranium. [06:08.65]I'm Susan Shand. [06:10.97]更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn