[ti:Is It Time for Vietnam’s Companies to Go Overseas?] [by:蜗蜗牛小游戏网 www.liandama.cn] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn [00:00.28]The job of the U.S. ambassador in Hanoi [00:04.88]is to represent American interests in Vietnam. [00:10.88]Next month, the ambassador will try something new. [00:15.96]He plans to take Vietnamese businesses to the United States. [00:23.52]Daniel J. Kritenbrink is the U.S. ambassador to Vietnam. [00:30.20]He and his team have been asking Vietnamese companies [00:34.96]to send a business group to Washington, D.C. [00:41.28]"Investing in the United States is one of the best decisions [00:46.65]that Vietnamese firms can make, especially as the country's economy [00:53.32]continues to...expand," Kritenbrink said. [00:59.24]Over the past year, U.S. embassy officials [01:03.40]have been holding events in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for Vietnamese businesses. [01:10.72]Their goal is to persuade the companies [01:14.52]to send representatives on the trip, [01:17.88]which is planned for June 10 to 12. [01:22.17]The idea for the business delegation [01:26.40]comes as Vietnam's economy is expanding. [01:30.68]Many companies are considering if the time has come for them to expand overseas. [01:39.60]For the past 20 years, Vietnam has built a big presence as an export powerhouse. [01:47.60]And, as Kritenbrink noted, the United States is the biggest market for those exports. [01:56.64]But many Vietnamese think the country's businesses should take it to the next step. [02:04.81]Instead of just shipping products overseas, [02:08.76]they want companies to set up operations and offices around the world. [02:16.52]Some companies have already begun expanding. [02:21.60]The electronics business FPT has opened up in Japan [02:28.80]and the telecommunications company Viettel is serving markets from Burundi to Peru. [02:37.92]Smaller businesses are also considering the expansion idea. [02:44.12]Saigon Innovation Hub, Sihub, announced a program last year [02:50.48]to provide support to start-up companies that want to go overseas. [02:57.32]The program is named ‘Runway to the World.' [03:02.72]Sihub wants "to gather all local and international resources [03:08.44]to realize the...mission of boosting economic growth," Huynh Kim Tuoc said. [03:16.08]He is the managing director of Sihub, [03:19.96]which is under the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology. [03:27.44]Supporters say international expansion is the next step [03:31.80]in the development of businesses in Vietnam. [03:36.20]In the 1980s, the Communist government started permitting a market economy to grow. [03:44.21]In the 1990s, the U.S. government lifted its trade restrictions on the country [03:52.52]. Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization in the early 2000s. [03:59.00]It is now a leading exporter of rice, clothing and telephones to the international market. [04:07.84]Vietnam is still reporting increases in its Gross Domestic Product, [04:13.68]foreign direct investment (FDI) and FDI-driven manufacturing. [04:20.52]"We are seeing an increasing number of local electronics players [04:25.72]expressing interest to venture overseas for growth," [04:30.12]said Standard Chartered Bank official Nirukt Sapru. [04:35.51]But there could be problems. [04:39.08]Some observers worry that the growing trade war between China and the United States [04:45.44]could hurt Vietnam's exports. [04:49.00]If China's economy slows down a lot, [04:52.56]Vietnamese exports to that country will fall. [04:57.80]Others worry about U.S. President Donald Trump's other tariff fights [05:03.31]with countries like Japan and the European Union. [05:08.48]Vietnamese companies hope that going international [05:12.05]will both protect their home economy [05:15.08]from foreign trade tensions and help build Vietnam's national brand. [05:23.48]I'm Susan Shand. 更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn