[ti:N. Korea Launches Missiles, US Seizes Ship for Violating Sanctions] [by:蜗蜗牛小游戏网 www.liandama.cn] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn [00:00.20]The United States says it has seized a North Korean ship [00:05.57]that was used to violate international sanctions. [00:10.96]The incident was announced hours after North Korea fired [00:16.16]what appeared to be two short-range, or distance, missiles on Thursday. [00:24.44]The "Wise Honest" is North Korea's second largest cargo ship. [00:30.56]It was used to transport North Korean coal [00:34.76]to China, Russia and other countries. [00:39.32]American officials said it was detained [00:43.12]during an April 2018 stop in Indonesia. [00:48.64]The ship will be moved to American Samoa in the Pacific. [00:54.36]Officials made the announcement just hours [00:57.72]after North Korea fired the missiles. [01:01.20]But they said the announcement was not related to the missile launch. [01:08.00]South Korean officials said the weapons launched on Thursday [01:13.08]traveled 420 kilometers and 270 kilometers before falling into the sea. [01:22.92]It was the second weapons launch from North Korea in five days. [01:29.44]It came as U.S. Special Representative [01:33.12]for North Korea Stephen Biegun visits South Korea. [01:38.68]North Korea has also withdrawn from talks about its nuclear program [01:44.56]with the U.S. since a meeting in Vietnam. [01:50.04]"North Korea seemed to be discontented it could not reach a deal in Hanoi," [01:56.16]South Korean President Moon Jae-in told broadcaster KBS. [02:03.16]He was speaking of the February meeting [02:06.60]between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un [02:09.92]and American President Donald Trump. [02:14.48]In the KBS interview, Moon also warned North Korea [02:19.88]of the risk of a misunderstanding that could result from its actions. [02:26.52]He said the South will explore ways to help bring back nuclear talks, [02:33.00]including providing food aid to the North [02:36.72]and pushing for a fourth meeting between Kim and Moon. [02:43.56]Yang Uk, a top research fellow at the Korea Defense [02:48.80]and Security Forum spoke to Reuters. [02:52.60]He said about North Korea, [02:55.44]"I believe they will keep escalating [02:58.32]by using what appear to be short-range missiles, [03:02.68]something that will not cause the U.S. to react right away." [03:09.56]Harry Kazianis is with the Center for the National Interest in Washington. [03:15.52]He said the new launches could only worsen the growing tensions. [03:21.56]"North Korea has now made it clear it will not halt developing [03:27.00]other parts of its military capabilities that threaten the region," he said. [03:33.93]Cha Du Hyeogn is a visiting scholar at Seoul's Asan Institute for Policy Studies. [03:42.16]He said North Korea is pressuring South Korea [03:46.36]to turn away from the United States [03:49.44]and support North Korea's position more strongly. [03:55.00]Cha added that by firing weapons that threaten South Korea but not the U.S., [04:02.48]North Korea could be testing the Americans [04:06.36]without causing the collapse of the nuclear talks. [04:10.40]A U.S. Defense Department spokesman said after the new tests: [04:16.68]"We're aware of the reports and monitoring." [04:21.76]Trump and his administration [04:24.00]did not appear to express serious concern over the tests. [04:29.08]Over the weekend, Trump wrote on Twitter [04:32.32]that he believes a deal could be reached with Kim. [04:37.04]The February meeting in Vietnam between Trump and Kim [04:42.76]ended early without an agreement. [04:46.24]The U.S. said Kim was only willing to give up North Korea's [04:51.16]main nuclear structure at Yongbyon – instead of complete denuclearization. [04:59.44]The North Korean leader also demanded [05:02.40]that all sanctions against his country be ended. [05:07.71]Trump said at the time, [05:10.42]"Basically, they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, [05:15.52]and we couldn't do that." [05:18.80]The United States and the United Nations [05:22.08]increased sanctions on North Korea in 2017, [05:27.08]after the country carried out a series of nuclear and ballistic missile tests. [05:34.36]The sanctions have created economic difficulties for North Korea. [05:40.60]I'm Caty Weaver. 更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn