[ti:Apple to Add New Software, Privacy Tool, End iTunes] [by:蜗蜗牛小游戏网 www.liandama.cn] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn [00:00.04]Apple has announced new software and privacy tools [00:05.24]as it seeks to expand service offerings [00:09.12]to its estimated 1.4 billion device users. [00:15.04]The announcements came during Apple's [00:19.91]Worldwide Developers Conference [00:22.60]happening this week in San Jose, California. [00:27.57]The changes are another clear sign of Apple's attempts [00:33.56]to expand its offerings to make up [00:37.18]for dropping iPhone demand worldwide. [00:41.87]iPhone sales fell sharply during the past two financial quarters. [00:49.76]For iPhone users, Apple announced [00:53.52]the launch of its iOS 13 operating system, to be available this fall. [01:00.96]The new version comes with several new features. [01:06.16]One is a setting for the iPhone called "dark mode." [01:12.12]The feature – already available on Mac computers [01:16.80]– turns the background of the device black. [01:20.72]Apple says dark mode is designed [01:23.78]to make everything on the screen easier on the eyes. [01:28.12]It can be used all the time or set to come on at a specific time. [01:34.80]iOS 13 also offers iPhone users a way to avoid [01:42.16]using sign in services of Facebook and Google when using apps. [01:48.52]Instead, users can sign in with their Apple ID. [01:55.04]Apple says the feature aims to respect the privacy of users [02:00.24]by not collecting tracking information through the apps or services. [02:06.72]Facebook and Google collect such user information [02:11.96]for its advertising business. [02:15.96]In addition, iOS 13 includes a redesigned Maps app [02:22.24]that provides "more detail about the world around you." [02:27.04]It has a feature that lets users look at actual street photos [02:32.92]and move through streets within the app. [02:37.12]The feature is very similar to Google's Street View, [02:41.01]which has been available for years. [02:44.52]The new iPhone OS also adds improvements [02:49.37]to Apple's Siri personal assistant system. [02:53.90]The company says the new Siri has a more natural voice [02:59.24]and will work with map and music apps. [03:03.61]Apple announced the iPad will get its own operating system [03:09.12]to replace the existing one made for iPhones. [03:14.68]The new OS is designed to make it easier for iPad users [03:19.76]to use the device to do more of the things a laptop computer can do. [03:27.24]Apple also introduced several new apps for its Apple Watch device [03:32.72]to be included with the new WatchOS 6 system. [03:38.72]Among these are apps that operate independently [03:42.32]without the need to be linked to a user's iPhone. [03:47.20]The smartwatch's Health app is also adding new features [03:51.76]to record more exercise information, monitor safe hearing levels [03:57.36]and track women's menstrual cycles. [04:01.16]In addition, the App Store will now be available on Apple Watch, [04:07.88]making it possible for people to find [04:10.84]and download apps directly to the device. [04:14.56]In its laptop and desktop businesses, Apple announced it is breaking up [04:21.84]its long-time digital music software iTunes. [04:26.33]Later this year, the software will be split into three apps: [04:31.60]Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. [04:38.32]Apple has already reduced the importance of iTunes on the iPhone and iPad [04:44.24]and will now do the same on Mac computers too. [04:48.28]iTunes will still be available on Macs using older OS versions, [04:54.68]as well as on machines running Microsoft's Windows system. [05:01.08]Apple also used its developer's conference to show off [05:05.29]a new Mac Pro high-performance desktop computer to go on sale this fall. [05:13.05]The machine, which Apple describes as "extreme in every way," [05:18.88]is designed for professional users. [05:21.96]Pricing for the low-end model Mac Pro starts at $5,999. [05:32.36]I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn