[ti:Greetings in Letters and Emails] [by:蜗蜗牛小游戏网 www.liandama.cn] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn [00:00.01]Today on Ask a Teacher, we answer a question from Yehia in Yemen. [00:07.38]He writes:" Could you explain what are the differences between ‘Hi,' ‘Dear sir,' ‘Hello,' [00:15.71]‘Greetings' and other greetings? Thank you!!" - Yehia, Yemen [00:20.36]Dear Yehia, To answer your question, I need more information. [00:27.12]Are you writing a business letter or an email? [00:30.95]Also, how well do you know the person you are writing to? [00:35.34]Let us look at a few possible situations. [00:39.82]When writing to someone you do not know, you usually begin a letter [00:45.97]with "Dear" and the title of the person and their surname, or family name. [00:52.61]Imagine you are writing a letter to congratulate Cori Gauff, [00:57.79]the young woman who defeated Venus Williams at Wimbeldon on Monday. [01:03.50]If you did not know the American teenager, you would start the letter this way: [01:10.38]Dear Ms. Gauff: [01:12.19]I am writing to congratulate you on your amazing victory at Wimbeldon. [01:18.02]You may have seen business letters that start with "Dear Sir" or "Dear Sir or Madam." [01:27.02]But those words are used when you do not know the name of the person who will receive the letter. [01:33.97]It is always better to begin with the name of the person you are writing to. [01:40.47]Use the term Ms. for females and Mr. for males before the surname. [01:49.41]If you do not know whether the person is a male or female, [01:54.77]you can use their full name: Dear Cori Gauff: [01:59.35]Punctuation is a little different: in business letters, you should use a colon after the greeting. [02:07.96]In a personal letter, add a comma after the greeting. [02:12.91]Now, imagine you are a family friend of Cori Gauff. [02:18.43]In that case, you can begin your letter less formally and use her given name: [02:25.82]Dear Cori, [02:28.03]I was so happy to see you on television Monday. You were awesome! [02:33.53]You might even use the tennis player's nickname, which is Coco: [02:39.11]Dear Coco, [02:41.64]In emails and text messages, it is also common to see the greeting "Hi" or "Hello." [02:49.37]These are fine if you know the person well and have been in contact with them recently. [02:56.45]The word "greetings" sounds like the opening of a form letter, or a mass mailing, [03:04.21]so you should not use it in a letter to just one person. [03:08.34]To close a business letter, you can use "Sincerely," followed by your name. [03:15.52]Use your full name for someone you do not know, [03:20.23]and your given name for someone you do know. [03:23.62]To close a friendly letter, you can use "Yours," or "Best Wishes," followed by your given name. [03:32.75]And that's Ask a Teacher! [03:35.04]I'm Alice Bryant. [03:38.39]And I'm Jill Robbins. 更多听力请访问www.liandama.cn